AFTC SilverTape acrylic tapes for the most demanding fastening applications

Our selection of tapes now includes the well-known Dutch AFTC’s SilverTape acrylic foam tapes.

Acrylic foam tape replaces mechanical fastening methods in demanding applications where you want to avoid nailing, screwing or stapling. The tape is weather proof and it withstands vibration and movement. The tape can be used to fasten solar panels, electronic components, signposts, insulations, and other special materials.

AFTC provides a 25-year adhesion warranty for acrylic foam tape.

– AFTC is growing fast and they were looking for a technology-oriented partner in Scandinavia. We have recognised that their products have a lot of potential. AFTC’s products are a welcome addition to the Finnish market as they increase competition and represent new alternatives to our clients, comments Intermedius Managing Director Jari Honko.

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