CEO’s letter

One year as renewed Intermedius

In October 2022 two of Kiillo’s subsidiary companies merged into one and we launched the renewed brand look of Intermedius. Year 2022 was a success for us in many ways, despite of all the changes, including displacement of the production machines from Tampere to Virrat.

In every September-October we are making a budget for the next fiscal year. This year’s challenge has been difficult predictability of the upcoming year. The war in Ukraine is still having an impact to the economy and especially to the construction industry. The drop of has been steep in Finland and Sweden, which has also affected some of our customers. The duration of the recession remains to be seen.

Felt from recycled PET-fibres and cover materials for the graphic industry are core products in our extensive portfolio. Our competence is based on comprehensive material knowledge. During the last months, we have been looking for and found possible new partners for raw materials. The tests are currently ongoing.

We are developing new solutions and some of them are already in the testing phase. We are using existing technology and familiar raw materials, but we are modifing them into new products. We have also invested in  new machinery for our new product groups. We will tell more of these a little bit later, so more interesting news is coming!

During the fall, we have been able to meet and have good discussions with our current stakeholders and meet new potential business partners at fairs and events. If you have a product idea on your mind or you are interested in Intermedius’ product range, please contact us!

Jari Honko