CEO’s summer letter

Summer of change – Intermedius and Kiiltoplast prepare merger

Nothing is permanent except change – the old saying has become concrete in the last two years, and the trend continues. Year 2022 is the 30th anniversary of Intermedius, but it will also remain in our company history as a year of renewal.

Since 1992, we have been a part of KiiltoFamily Oy, a diversified Finnish group with over 100 years of history. In addition to Intermedius Oy, they are also the parent company of Kiiltoplast Oy. Now these two subsidiaries, Intermedius and Kiiltoplast, are preparing to merge. As of 1 October, we will operate under the common name Intermedius Oy, and KiiltoFamily will remain our owner.

In the future, the wide product range of Intermedius as well as the internationally renowned product brands of Kiiltoplast will literally be found under one roof. Therefore, all Intermedius’ production will be transferred from Tampere to Kiiltoplast’s renovated premises in Virrat, an hour’s drive north from Tampere, by the end of November. We aim at keeping the production lines of both companies running without any longer breaks – even during the move. We have already informed our customers directly of any potential delays. Personally, I will continue as CEO of new Intermedius.

In August, we will provide our customers and business partners about practical issues related to the merger such as new contact details and billing information. If you have any questions before that, please send them directly to me or our sales team at  We will also publish our new common website in October.

During the past two years, I have missed the face-to-face meetings and the invaluable opportunities they offer. There is no better way to innovate products together with companies representing different sectors. For us, they are important, because we focus on continuous development. After the merger, our wider range of products and production equipment will also bring more opportunities for this.

In June 2021, we had been living in the conditions of a global pandemic for more than a year. I anticipated then that the situation would gradually get normal. Now we know that it took still another year. However, thanks to hard work and lots of new solutions to problems nobody could have anticipated, I can say that Intermedius has done very well in these circumstances.

I warmly thank all our personnel and all our customers for the excellent cooperation. We have survived many surprising twists and turns thanks to the commitment of our great staff and partners. This is a strong basis for us to continue towards autumn 2022.

I wish all of you a very happy summer!

Jari Honko