CEO’s summer letter


Before summer holiday break, there is a good moment to take a look at the past year.  We have had an exceptional period that hardly any industry could have been prepared for. However, I am pleased to say with relief that despite all the turbulence in the world Intermedius has done well.

It is obvious that all plans had to be changed along the way, but not just into a bad direction. For example, the pandemic significantly increased the demand for nonwovens. We also got a surprising number of new customers when several Finnish companies adapted their operations and started to manufacture protective equipment and outfits.

In Finland, we are the sole champion of needling polyester felt from recycled PET fibres. Our felt is applied to a multitude of applications. Although the demand for our felt temporarily slowed down last year, we also got a new customer and a new type of end use for our product. Plaat Detail OÜ, based in the Baltic states, developed a unique acoustic design panel (VAGA) as an international export product. Our felt is used in the structure.

The above-mentioned is a splendid example of joint development. If you have a product idea that you would like to discuss further, feel free to contact us! Together, we will find new solutions and techniques to apply felt, for example, in soundproofing.

In recent months, customer meetings have largely been transferred to digital channels, which has been also useful. Less travel has freed up time for other things to do. Nevertheless, I have already missed traditional meetings and the opportunities they offer for brainstorming, when we develop new products together with operators representing different fields of business. Hopefully, we will continue to meet face-to-face already in this autumn, and the traditional trade fairs can be organised again.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all our staff for adapting to the new circumstances over the past year. We have overcome changes and rapid turnarounds thanks to excellent teamwork.  At the same time, both old and new customers have kept our wheels turning. It is good to continue from now on.

According to the Finnish way we have summer vacations in July and our factory is closed from 5th to 23rd of July.

I wish everyone a good and relaxing summer!

Jari Honko