The Intermedius story – together we are stronger

Year 2022 has meant renewal for us in many ways. Since the beginning of October, we have joined forces with our sister company Kiiltoplast. Some people might remember that three decades ago, before Intermedius was founded, we originally were one company, and now we are completing the circle again. The story of the renewed Intermedius continues from now on in Virrat, in the middle of Finnish lakeland. We are still part of the Kiilto Family, a growing, family-owned company to which both companies have belonged from the very beginning.

Together, we are a trusted partner and product developer for professionals in several different fields. The core of our products is their added value to end users. It is based on comprehensive material knowledge and systematic idea exchange with our customers and partners across the world.

Creative problem solving and unique technical expertise

The merger between sister companies was a natural step at this stage. Product development has always been an integral part of both companies’ operations – and it is not the only thing we share. In addition to the team spirit, both organisations in Tampere and Virrat have established warm relationships with international operators and representatives in dozens of countries. The markets for our plastic coating and book cover materials reach as far as Asia and Africa. Respectively, our recycled fiber has been applied to various ambitious end uses across Europe.

Together, we have a diverse range of specialised products and an innovative staff that represents extensive professional expertise. In addition to our internationally renowned key products, we tailor solutions to our customers’ needs. For us, product development is first and foremost about strengthening our customers’ competitiveness.

The most important thing is the spirit

It’s important to us that everyone enjoys their work and they work together in a good spirit. This is also reflected in our desire to provide first-class customer service, for which we have been praised in both companies over the years.

The best innovations are born when we get in on your journey as early as possible. Please feel free to contact us and let’s see what we can create together.

Jari Honko, CEO

On this page you will find milestones in our history, starting from 1919, when Kiilto began its operations.

A timeline of significant years


Kiilto’s story began in October 1919 with a small hair tonic and shoe polish factory in the district of Pispala, Tampere. In the following decades, the family company will expand into an internationally operating multi-sector group. Among other things, the production of book cover materials started in the 1960s.


A new factory was built in Virrat.


Kiiltoplast Oy name was introduced. In the 1980s, the product range expanded to textile and non-woven coatings.


Kiiltoplast decides to focus on plastic coatings and graphic industry customers and products. As a result, a new company, Intermedius Oy, is created with the strategy and skills to serve the shoe and clothing industry. Intermedius starts operation in Tesoma’s small industrial facility.


Jari Honko appointed as Managing Director of Intermedius. New coating line is introduced in Kiiltoplast.


First felt machine is introduced in Intermedius Tampere factory.
At the same time Kiiltoplast began development work on the use of recycled plastic in cover materials.


Kiiltoplast started to use only water-based lacquers and inks.


Significant business acquisition with Sinax Oy, which expands the expertise and customer base of Intermedius.
Laminating machine line begins operating in Tampere.


Kiiltoplast stopped using harmful phthalates in the production process


Kiiltoplast started making of the waterproofing material KeraSafe+


A century of entrepreneurship and business excellence – Kiilto Family group celebrates its 100-year anniversary.
Second felt machine line is commissioned in Tampere factory.


Intermedius turns 30 years old. At the same time, the merger of Intermedius and Kiiltoplast is published. The business will continue under the common name Intermedius in Virrat and the Tampere business premises will be closed.

Jari Honko will continue as CEO of the new company.


Responsibility for the environment and a better tomorrow

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