Our story

A sad-looking shoe that was cut in half sat on the table. I looked at its midsole and the extruding wool felt that had lost its original shape. The customer, who was a shoemaker, complained that the wool, which was used as midsole insulation absorbs moisture, swells and ruins the shoe. I immediately knew we had a solution. I said our polyester felt will insulate and cushion like sheep’s wool but won’t collect moisture or swell. The customer’s face brightened. From that very moment, we began to work together to develop a polyester felt component suitable for shoe manufacturing.

Creative problem solving and cutting-edge technical know-how

It is our desire to help the client and create more functional solutions that keeps me excited about my work. When I get a brilliant idea early in the morning, I must drive to the office quickly to suggest the idea to my colleagues.

The phrase “As quiet as a felt slipper factory” does not describe our Tesoma factory, where laughter is often heard over the roar of production. Humour and a strong team spirit unite our staff of 15 people, which consists of experts in product development, testing and production.

We are the trusted supplier for many different branches in industry, and an idea-generating product development partner when they need solutions for softening, coating, protection, gluing, insulating or withstanding a lot of wear. Whether it is the manufacture of solar panels or the protection of furniture during transportation, the solution can be found in our felt, coating, fabric and tape products.

“These Finns are fun”

Even though we are a part of a bigger Finnish corporation, Kiilto Family, we work here as if the company is our own. In addition to our own group, we have, over the years, created warm relations with a number of European organisations and representatives. “These Finns are fun”, said the children of a French supplier, climbing on our shoulders at a cosy dinner.

I would particularly like to shine the light on two fellows, Mika and Raimo, who started working here in 2003. They joined us in a City of Tampere’s project aimed at employing people with partial work ability. Mika has become part of our gang and continues to push on with us. Come holiday season, we are always looking forward to see how Raimo, who is already retired, remembers us this time. He truly is a man with a great taste of humour.

A new spark that is reshaping the entire industry

Over the years, our expertise has expanded through major business acquisitions and investments in production equipment. Right now, our story is at a turning point: we are complementing our basic production by seeking new growth as a partner for the market’s brightest innovators.

For example, we have been approached by a company founded by a few mothers who have developed a big idea inspired by their own children, but who still need production implementation assistance for their invention. We are now striking a new spark with our suppliers and customers to reshape our entire industry.

Invite us to join your company’s product development meetings as a fly on the wall, because the best innovations are created when we are involved in co-creation as early as possible.

Jari Honko, Managing Director

A timeline of significant years

1992 Kiiltoplast, part of the Kiilto Family group of companies, decides to focus on plastic coatings and graphic industry customers and products. As a result, a new company, Intermedius Oy, is created with the strategy and skills to serve the shoe and clothing industry.
1992-1994 Intermedius operates in Tesoma’s small industrial facility.
1994 Intermedius moves to premises on Vesimyllynkatu street, where we continue to operate.
1998 Jari Honko appointed as Managing Director.
2003 First felt machine is introduced.
2009 Significant business acquisition with Sinax Oy, which expands the expertise and customer base of Intermedius.
2009 Laminating machine line begins operating.
2019 A second felt machine line is commissioned in our factory.
2019 A century of entrepreneurship and business excellence – Kiilto Family group celebrates its 100-year anniversary.

Why recycled fibre?

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