Intermedius invests in production capacity as the demand for polyester felt increases

Since March 2019, on two felt machine lines in Tampere, we have been processing PET fibres retrieved from recycled European plastic bottles into polyester felt. The new felt machine yields a more even fibre mix and a premium surface. We estimate to triple our production capacity with this investment.

– As a new source of growth, we are operating as a product development partner for new innovators. While we increase capacity, we will be able to serve more customers than before and develop a more diverse product assortment, summarises Managing Director Jari Honko.

According to Honko, the ideas that new customers have are often completely new to the market. He states that the recycled fibre used in the felt is very important for their customers.

– With these new customer projects, we have been able to challenge ourselves and our expertise to new levels – and to do our part in reducing the amount of plastic waste. It was elementary that we recognised our ability to act as a reliable and skilled product development, testing and production partner.

With Intermedius’ expertise, the recycled fibre gets a new life as felt which finds its new place in innovative new applications such as insoles for shoes, designer furniture, decorative panels, acoustically insulated work spaces, or upholstery in the automotive industry.

The new felt production line has been built and supplemented piece by piece at the factory. The polyester felt made in Tampere is considered “a local produce” by our customers in Finland, the Nordic countries, and the Baltic states.

– Our delivery times are quick, we can segment the deliveries in a flexible way, and we offer high quality for a competitive price, Jari Honko states.


  • The first felt machine line was started in 2003, the new line was introduced in 2019
  • The production machines are unique in Finland
  • From fibre to finished felt: nonwoven felt line opens up and mixes the fibres, cards, folds and needles the felt.
  • Production capacity tripled
  • With the new line we will offer products in weight classes 1500–2000 g/m2

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