Intermedius´ preparations for the coronavirus situation

Dear customers, partners and friends,

Thank you for your emails and concern for our wellbeing. We at Intermedius in cooperation with our company’s healthcare partner (Pihlajalinna) are strictly following the guidelines the Finnish government and THL (Finnish Health and Welfare authorities) have given and we constantly follow any updates and adjust our procedures accordingly. Also our corporate Kiilto Family Group is following this very closely and giving us prompt guidelines which we put into action immediately.

The personnel whose work description allows for them to work remotely from home, we grant this possibility willingly and for those who need to be working on site, we have taken additional preventive measures with the help of our healthcare partner.

We are monitoring the situation very closely and we will inform all customers in case it would start affecting production lead times and material flow.

Our production is currently operating normally and we have sufficient stock of raw materials for the time being, also no delays in material flow are predicted in the nearest future.

We will do our outmost to prevent this virus from spreading more than it already has.