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We are the only company in Finland that manufactures polyester felt from recycled fibres by needling. Additionally, we represent strong expertise in multi-layer laminating.

Moreover, we are among the world’s best plastic coating companies. Our product range serves professionals in the graphic arts industry and other industries. We also manufacture waterproofing materials for the construction and prefab industries.

To complement our own product and service offerings, we supply fabrics, acrylic foamed tapes and hook-and-loop fasteners from top European manufacturers for our clients’ demanding professional use. To give a couple of examples, the hook and loop fasteners of a police uniform are required to withstand 10,000 openings and closings, or the window panels attached with acrylic foam tape are expected to withstand intense wind and weather fluctuations for decades.

We tailor our products to our customers, and product development is a key part of our operations. We will be happy to answer any questions and innovate with you.

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