Acoustic wall panel with innovative structure

Plaat Detail OÜ

Acoustic wall panel with innovative structure

Karmo Lomp, CEO, Plaat Detail OÜ

Plaat Detail has always been open to new business ideas. Even though we started as an importer we have also invested in our own R&D as well as tested different materials and produced prototypes of potential new products this year. We want to continuously improve our performance and give our customers what they need.

Our primary product is laminated board out of which furniture components can be cut, edge banded and/or CNC routered and assembled. The board is used for example in kitchen industry and custom furniture sector. For the past 10 years we have provided laminates and laminated components also to cruise ship industry to be used in ship cabins.

One of our clients asked for a customised product where we needed felt for acoustic purposes. As a result, we started to think that maybe we could develop a totally new product of our own. We started to search for a felt manufacturer. By chance we have a sister company, which is also located in Tampere and they recommended Intermedius, their former neighbour.

In spite of Covid-19, our project has gone well, and we have developed a unique new product, which is an acoustic design panel – VAGA. In addition to the felt we use domestic sheep wool and combine both with laminates and veneers to produce a stylish solution with excellent acoustic and humidity control features. In developing the product, we are co-operating with an Estonian university. While we have already started sales, we continue to further develop the panel design.

I dare say that our panel is indeed a special innovation. There are some manufacturers for example in China and Europe, but no one else can use both, felt and sheep wool in their acoustic panels.

There are many reasons why we chose Intermedius and their felt. Firstly, Finland and Estonia have historically had a very close and warm relationship. In our opinion Finland is part of our home market. Secondly, the ecological aspect is a huge benefit. Intermedius’s product is made of recycled fibers. We all want the world to be a greener place and save it to our children.

 We are really committed to our business partners and the cooperation with Intermedius has been more than great. To succeed you really need reliable suppliers and loyal customers. Intermedius is a perfect example of how to do business and create an outstanding customer experience. Additionally, we both share the same values and always want to do our best.

Read more about the VAGA panel: (in English)

 Plaat Detail OÜ

Plaat Detail was founded in Estonia 24 years ago as an importer and distributor of loose laminates and ready-made post-formed worktops. There have been several changes in the operations, but the core business is still the same. Baltic States remain company’s main market.

In 2000 Plaat Detail acquired bigger premises and started to do also post-forming. Plaat Detail continues to provide components to furniture manufacturers but they have recently started to develop and produce their own products. Currently the company has three business units: mass component production, special/custom-made component production as well as wholesale and distribution. (in English)

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