Hook-and-loop fasteners for impeccable uniforms

AS Profline

Viivi Eskla, Product Development Manager, AS Profline

When you put on a uniform, you are at once seen as a representative of a certain profession, such as a police officer. We at Profline make uniforms for the Estonian army and police forces, among other customers. In these physically demanding professions, the quality and durability of uniforms must be top notch. For example, the hook-and-loop tapes used in them must last at least 10,000 openings and closures.

We started cooperating with Intermedius early in the decade, and we told them of the poor experiences we had had with other tape brands. In the past, narrower tapes were cut from wider strips, causing the edges to quickly become untidy and frayed. When Intermedius proposed the Alfatex hook-and-loop tapes that they represent, our quality problems were over. Our customers have been very satisfied with the change.

In addition to the durability of the uniform, comfort is also important in physical work. There are several places for removable fabric labels on a police uniform. We received feedback from them that a hard hook-and-loop material used in large surfaces, such as on the back of a jacket, felt uncomfortable. We looked for a functional alternative for this with Intermedius and today we use a soft velour fabric. This special velour fabric is cut to size and shape, which makes the uniform neat looking and comfortable.

In a nutshell, the way our close cooperation with Intermedius works is that we tell them what we need, how the product should work, and what kinds of features it should have. After this, Intermedius proposes options for us, and they help us choose just the right material or product. The expertise of Intermedius and the ability to get the best possible options from one place is of great value to us.

I appreciate how they are easy to reach and always respond quickly to our questions. I expect that in the future we will continue to develop uniforms and other products with Intermedius. For example, they have a lot of new fabrics we are interested in, such as mesh and fleece fabrics.

AS Profline

The company’s story began 20 years ago as a subsidiary of a Tallinn factory. As a result of acquisitions that occurred a decade later, Profline has since operated as an independent company that currently employs 17 people.

Profline produces a variety of uniforms for bank tellers, hotel staff, military and police personnel, and so forth. Their extensive selection includes products from underwear to quilted jackets and hats. The company creates all the prototypes themselves in their own model room, and the uniforms are manufactured in factories across Estonia.

The garments shown in the pictures are developed and manufactured by AS Profile.

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