Insulation material for soundproof office telephone booths

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CASE PERSY BOOTHS – Insulation material for soundproof office telephone booths

Remo Buschkötter, Co-founder, Persy Booths UG

Since people always ask where our company name comes from, I start by telling that Persy is coined from ‘personal’. We design, engineer and build affordable private spaces – booths – for offices, and we want to make them personal.

The felt provided by Intermedius plays a key role in the booths’ sound proofing and comfort. It absorbs echoes and, what is more, it feels good to touch.

A few years ago, me and my co-founder were working at a start-up company based in Berlin. We were frustrated because we could never find a space quiet enough to have a business call. We literally spent hours trying to find for example places to attend virtual meetings. That is how we got our own business idea.

We were convinced that there must be millions of people feeling interfered because of the lack of privacy in open area offices. We started to develop our idea of a phone booth that can be easily installed and even moved to other premises. We wanted to create something that is affordable for start-ups and SMEs – and gives top user experience.

To concentrate on aspects that really matter, we defined our three focus areas: ventilation, sound isolation and comfort. We produced sketches with designers and went on to prototyping the first booth. It was also great to find a manufacturer with a start-up mentality, and interested in doing research, prototyping and testing with us. Since then we have done iterations to the original version, and still keep on improving the details.

For the inside walls, we wanted to find the best possible material. Therefore, we were looking for something that feels great, has good acoustic absorption and echo-removing properties, and would also be sustainable. This search led us to Intermedius. Their felt from recycled PET was exactly what we were looking for. After a few conversations we found the right way to apply the material into our booths. We really feel that we are in good hands when working with Jari and the Intermedius team. Additionally, Intermedius helped us to get in touch with Volar Plastic, who masters felt cutting and moulding.

Sustainability is in the core of our business. We did not want to choose materials that are shipped from another side of the world. We wanted to find a truly ecological, high quality solution. We are proud that the PET used by Intermedius is recycled, produced and re-used in Europe.

Persy Booths UG

“Working in Silence should not be a Privilege”

Persy Booths is a start-up and founded in 2019. Currently their main product is a telephone booth for offices. Production is in Europe and the customers are start-ups and SMEs in EU area. The booths come flat packed and they are easy to assemble. For product requests and orders, just click


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