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Freudenberg Home and Cleaning Solutions Oy

Ulla Reiman, Plant Manager, Freudenberg Home and Cleaning Solutions Oy

When we are talking about cleaning of cleanrooms, we mean the most sensitive of places, such as the circuit board manufacturing rooms of electronics factories, and laboratory facilities used for the manufacturing of medicines and vaccines. No particles of any kind are allowed there. In the past, the cleaning had always been done with disposable towels, but we wanted to create a more ecological and affordable solution for Freudenberg.

We began developing a special mop that would withstand special treatments and washing processes. The first products were made in the early 2000s. In 2012, we began developing a version 2.0 together with Intermedius, and today our selection of products includes a mop that meets the requirements of our most important customers.

Intermedius is an expert in lamination. In the product development process, they tested several different kinds of fabrics and adhesives in lamination. Together we succeeded in developing both a better product and a more efficient production process. The current mop consists of several layers and it withstands dozens of washing cycles. The need for the product is growing continuously in the world, and we deliver it as far as the Asian markets.

These kinds of processes are often long, and things evolve slowly in the textile industry. However, Intermedius has always carried out different experiments quickly. Their tailor-made solutions combine expertise, agile working and high quality. I feel they truly listened to our needs. We have both achieved great results with straightforward product development and work.

Intermedius will be an important partner for us in the future. Developing products together is beneficial for both parties, and I hope that we can continue experimenting, which will create new products for both companies.

Freudenberg Home and Cleaning Solutions Oy

In 1967, two brothers formed a cleaning systems company called Swep Oy in Kisko, today part of Salo in Finland. In the 1980s and 90s, the company developed a system that radically changed the cleaning industry: water was no longer carried with the mop, but instead the mop was prepared by wetting it in advance and then washed after use. In 1999, Swep Oy was acquired by an international family company from Germany, the Freudenberg Group. Since then, the company’s story has continued under the name Freudenberg Home and Cleaning Solutions Oy (FHCS).

The core business of FHCS is the manufacturing of cleaning equipment for both consumer and professional use. Every year, approximately one million mops for professional cleaning and approximately 400,000 handles are assembled in the factory, which is still located in Salo. The factory is one of FHCS’s fifteen factories, and the only one clearly focused on professional equipment. The Freudenberg Group employs around 80 people in Finland and more than 40,000 employees globally.

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