Responsibility for the environment and a better tomorrow

We want to operate in the most sustainable way possible and invest in developing and manufacturing environmentally friendly products. Our customers worldwide expect ecological alternatives from their partners, and responsibility is a priority in our product development. In Finland, we continuously cooperate closely with the authorities to minimise the environmental impact of our operations.

We use recycled plastic

Utilising existing plastic is a sustainable way to create innovations. We make polyester felt from recycled plastic fibre as a raw material for classics and creations. Together with our customers, we discourage plastic from ending up in the trash and the oceans – and we are responsibly creating new growth. Polyester felt is one of our ways to promote the circular economy and take care of the planet. We have already given new life to about 35 million PET bottles.

We are involved in a volunteer program for the chemical industry

We are committed to the chemical industry’s international Responsible Care volunteer program. The programme aims to achieve socially and ecologically sustainable development.

We invest in environmentally friendly raw materials

In 2012, the cover paper used by Intermedius was granted FSC® certificates. The certificate guarantees the use of responsibly grown wood material in producing paper. With FSC, the product’s end user can be sure that the raw material purchase has not caused the destruction of forests or the impoverishment of forest nature.

Our products are solvent-free, and we do not use harmful phthalates

Intermedius book cover materials are manufactured without toxic phthalates and follow the REACH regulation used in the chemical industry in Europe. Read more about it >> 

We have had a quality system in place since 1994

High-quality products and customer orientation have been the foundation of the company’s operations since the beginning. Since 1994, we have had a certified quality system ISO9001:2015, which covers manufacturing, product development, sales and marketing of plastic products, and production processes. In addition, we are constantly developing our quality system to consider our customers’ individual needs.

We respect workers’ rights

We are committed to the international labour rights set out in the ILO Declaration. We guarantee that we will not exploit child or forced labour, that we will treat individuals equally, that we will not tolerate discrimination and that we recognise the freedom of association and collective bargaining of our employees.

Supplier Code of Conduct (CoC)

At Intermedius, we want to be an attractive business partner and seek reliable and fair relations with our suppliers for the mutual benefit. We are guided by three core values: responsibility, openness, and shared success. The way we act in accordance with these values and regulations is defined in our Supplier Code of Conduct, which we share with our parent company Kiilto. A “Supplier” is any person or legal entity, which provides us with products or services. In addition to Suppliers who have a direct contractual relationship with Intermedius, this definition also includes the Suppliers’ sub-suppliers.

The Code of Conduct is a document that brings together the key business principles that guide our operations. CoC covers sustainable business principles, people and society, and environmental responsibility. Additionally, it also guides how to report potential misconduct. These principles guide us, our suppliers, and other partners to act properly and responsibly. The principles of the CoC are permanent in nature but will be updated, as necessary.

Supplier Code of Conduct (PDF)

Recycled fibre

We give plastic a new life

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