Special fabrics for face mask manufacturers

Special fabrics for face mask manufacturers


In the spring of 2020, when the corona epidemic dramatically increased the demand of face masks, Intermedius launched deliveries of speciality fabrics to Finnish mask manufacturers.

This was possible, because Intermedius has a long-term cooperation with Freudenberg, a leading European fabrics manufacturer. In fact, Intermedius has been supplying Finnish manufacturers with Freudenberg special fabrics for more than ten years. The cooperation started with adhesive and support fabrics needed by the clothing and shoe industry and it has expanded to a very diverse range.

For the production of face masks, Intermedius now also imports filter fabrics from the Freudenberg range. These fabrics feature a filtration class almost equivalent (more than 96%) to that of surgical face masks. The air permeability of the fabrics is excellent, which makes the masks comfortable to wear.

Efficiency through fast deliveries and roll customization

Since the spring, many mask manufacturers have entered the market at a rapid pace. For example, clothing and furniture manufacturers have adapted their machinery and manufacturing processes to mask production. Intermedius supplies them with fabrics cut to different sizes of rolls and discs. Delivery times range from 1–2 working days (wide jumbo rolls) or 3–4 days (customized smaller rolls) to up to two weeks (customized very narrow rolls).

– These non-woven fabrics are perfect material for so-called everyman’s masks – when there is a need to protect other people from their own drops. These fabrics were originally manufactured in Germany for filters in the automotive industry, and now, in an acute situation, they can also be used safely for face masks. We have commissioned filtration tests corresponding to the EN14683 test with different fabric combinations and layer numbers, Sales Engineer Harri Yliruusi says.

The demand for mask fabrics is expected to remain high and, therefore, Freudenberg is developing new certifiable grades for more versatile end uses.


For more information concerning fabrics, test results and product samples, please contact:

Managing Director Jari Honko, +358 40567 7246, jari.honko@intermedius.fi


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