Why recycled fibre?

We give plastic objects a new life

An empty plastic bottle is not rubbish. It is a useful material that is worth re-using. A big part of the raw materials of our felt comes from recycled plastic PET bottles. The materials are crushed and formed into granules or flakes, which are blown into polyester fibres after being processed and treated.

The raw material of our felt arrives in fibre bales weighing 200-300 kilograms. We manufacture felt from these bales with different colour combinations and blending ratios. The fibre passes through the Tesoma production line, where needling is used to give it new life as polyester felt with the desired thickness and strength.

The rolls of felt are shipped to our customers, who form the felt into designer furniture, decorative panels, sound-insulating workspaces and upholstery for the automotive industry.

Using existing plastic is a sustainable way to create new innovations. Our customers are also very enlightened and can already insist on receiving ecological alternatives from their partners.

Polyester felt is our means to promote the circular economy and take care of the planet. This is how we and our customers reduce the amount of plastic that ends up as waste and in the oceans. This is how we create responsible new growth.

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Polyester fibre gets a new life as felt